Conference Proceedings Citation Index (CPCI) (via Web of Science)

Available at :  Access via Web of Science and select "CPCI-S" and/or "CPCI-SSH" under Editions
Off-campus Access Rights : P - PolyU Staff/Students only
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Conference Proceedings Citation Index helps researchers access the published literature from the most significant conferences, symposia, seminars, colloquia, workshops, and conventions worldwide.

The index is split into two editions:
1. Conference Proceedings Citation Index- Science (CPCI-S) --1990-present
2. Conference Proceedings Citation Index- Social Science & Humanities (CPCI-SSH) --1990-present  

To access the content from the CPCI collection only, make sure you select CPCI-S and/or CPCI-SSH from the Edition's menu.

Web of Science CPCI

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