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Clarity English provides online courses for English learners with practice activities, instructions and references. Currently, the Library subscribed to the following 4 modules: 

Road to IELTS is an online exam preparation resource developed by the British Council and Clarity English. It helps IELTS candidates with every aspect of test preparation from understanding the tasks in the Reading paper, to dealing with nerves in the Speaking test.

Note: You can register a personal account to keep track of your learning progress. Alternatively, you can also join as a guest.

Practical Writing is for students who need to use written English both in their studies and in their personal life. Whether they are writing a descriptive essay for their teacher or sending a message to a friend, Practical Writing helps them structure their message, select the right vocabulary and choose the most appropriate style.

Active Reading helps learners develop the whole range of reading skills: prediction, vocab strategies, inference, skimming, topic sentences and more.

NoteIf you read “Thank you for using Active Reading” from the landing page, it means another user is currently using the platform. Please try again later. 

Clear Pronunciation helps learners recognize and pronounce the 43 sounds of English through audio, video and interactive activities. Learners can listen to each sound in isolation, in words, sentences and in authentic texts. They can also choose from British, North American, Australian pronunciation models, and a range of non-native speaker accents.

Note that there's a limitation to the number of access for each resource. So please help log off after use.

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