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#Throwback - New Library Workshops Organized in First Semester 

  • Databases for Hospitality and Tourism Research
For the uninitiated, research for hospitality and tourism studies can be overwhelming because often, they have to rely on Business or Economics information.

This workshop introduces all the highly relevant databases needed for research in these areas, such as Hong Kong Tourism Board research & statistics online, Hospitality and Tourism Complete, Passport, Statista, UNWTO eLibrary.

A total of 17 students and research staff, mainly from SHTM, joined our very first workshop held last semester. This workshop will be organized again this semester. Do look out for it here.
  • Publishing 101 - Basics of Academic Journal Publishing
From time to time, we will receive enquiries from students and staff concerning getting published in journals. Unlike the publishing seminars regularly organized by the Library which are positioned from the publishers' perspective, this workshop aims to introduce the basics of academic journal publishing process with a specific focus in PolyU context and the support Library can provide. We shared with the audience the publishing practices of PolyU researchers based on the questions we received, answered and our experiences. The main topics covered in the workshop include workflow of journal publishing, journal selection, things to be aware before submission and sharing the works online after publication.

A total of 45 students and staff joined the previous workshop in early Dec 2018. We will organize this workshop again this semester. Do look out for it here.

Resources for Research Method and Statistical Analysis 

The Library has newly published a guide to introduce the resources for Research Method and Statistical Analysis for research staff and students.

The research method undertaken and how it is used are often dependent on the discipline. For example, science disciplines often undertake quantitative research, while qualitative and mixed methods are common in humanities and social sciences. Therefore, it is useful to find resources specific to your discipline. Sage handbooks series on research methods for different disciplines are useful reference materials to get started with your research design.
books on research methods

We will constantly add in more content on tools and resources for research methods and statistical analysis. Do regularly visit our guide to learn more!