Access Services

Increase in HKALL Loan Quota

To better meet the teaching, learning, and research needs of our users, HKALL loan quota has been increased for eligible users from 4 Jan 2016. Details are as follows:
Eligible Users New Loan Quota * Loan Period #
Academic, Research, and equivalent Administrative staff  30 books 30 days
Research / Postgraduate Students 15 books 30 days
Undergraduate Students 15 books 15 days
General Staff  15 books 15 days
* Quota includes both loans and holds of HKALL books at any one time.
# Loan period for all categories of borrowers remain unchanged.

Quiet Study Zone Open for 24-hour Access

Photo of Room L003 on G/F
To provide more quiet study space after Library hours, the Quiet Study Zone of the Library (Room L003 on G/F) was open for 24-hour access from 2 Nov 2015 till the end of examination period, 19 Dec 2015. Eligible users accessed the facility via the entrance at Core E by presenting their valid PolyU Student / Staff ID Cards.

The Quiet Study Zone will be open again for 24-hour access during term time in Semester 2, 2015-16 (11 Jan – 9 May 2016).

Self-checking Service of AV Materials Available Now

The self-checkout service of AV Collection materials have been launched since mid-Sep 2015. In addition to DVDs, users can now check out all materials from the AV Collection open stacks by themselves at the self-check stations located at 3/F Multimedia Commons.

Simply tap your Student/Staff/Library smart card or place your Library card under the barcode reader, key in your Library PIN, and put the AV materials on the self-check station’s sensor pad one by one. Collect your loan receipt in which the due dates of borrowed items are clearly listed. The checkout is done in the blink of an eye!

Keep track of your borrowed materials. If you have exceeded your borrowing quota, you will need to return some items before borrowing other AV Collection materials. If you need assistance, our friendly counter staffs at the Multimedia Commons are always ready to help.
Photo of Self-Checkout machines in Multimedia Commons, 3/F

Studio @ Multimedia Commons Available for Professional Media Production

Our Studio located at L303g, 3/F Multimedia Commons, has been open for booking since mid-Oct 2015. The Studio aims to provide a first glimpse and taste of professional studio production for our users to create multimedia content for their academic projects. Students and staff of PolyU are all welcome.

Various equipments for media production are available in the Studio. Professional overhead LED and fluorescent lighting system and DMX lighting panel are installed to enable professional indoor shooting. Seamless chroma key green backdrop is available for creating videos with the special effects of compositing two images or video streams together. Getting nervous in front of the video camera and tend to forget your lines of speech? The Studio is equipped with a teleprompter, which is similar to cue cards, is a display device that prompts the person speaking in front of the video camera with an electronic visual text of a speech. While reading the text of your speech from the teleprompter, you will appear to look directly into the camera lens and speak spontaneously.

The setting of our Studio is capable to support various scenarios, from recording a simple presentation or a small group interview to more advanced chroma keying. It is also equipped for audio recording and still photography. Our studio technician is available to assist users in the process of media production. Interested to arrange a visit to the Studio or book a filming session? Please refer to the Studio web page and the FAQ on Studio.
Photos of Studio at Multimedia Commons, 3/F