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Revised iBooking Policy

To maximum the use of Library resources, with effect from 1 Jan 2015, iBooking regulations have been amended as follows:

  1. Single loan quota covering all bookable facilities

    From now on, users can only book one facility type for use for the same time period. This applies to all kinds of bookable facilities including PCs, research carrels, group study rooms, group viewing rooms and database workstations. For instance, users who have booked a PC for the period from 2 - 4pm today cannot reserve a research carrel for the same time period.

  2. Claiming reserved facilities – Grace period shortened to 10 minutes

    The grace period for claiming any bookable facility will be shortened to 10 minutes. Users are reminded to check in their reserved facility on time and within 10 minutes of the booked session, otherwise their bookings will be cancelled.

  3. Re-booking – available 5 minute after checkout or booking cancellation/expiry

    To avoid abusive reservations, a 5-minute break will be introduced after the checkout, booking cancellation/expiry before the same user can book the same facility again for the same booking session. Users can rebook the same facility 5 minutes after their bookings expire or after they check out or cancel their bookings.

    iBooking Regulation


Group Study Rooms and Group Viewing Rooms on iBooking

Group Study Rooms at 24-Hour Study Center

With the re-opening of G/F 24-hour Study Centre and 3/F Multimedia Commons, more group rooms are provided to users for collaborative study.
3/F Multimedia Commons 6 Group Viewing Rooms
for 3 – 10 persons
G/F 24-Hour Study Centre 11 Group Study Rooms
for 3 – 8 persons

Users can now reserve them in advance on iBooking. 

To check in the reserved room, the user who made the booking is required to swipe his/her card first and followed by the other two users. The check-in will fail if not all three users swipe their cards. For more details, please visit the Library Homepage at

Printing Service Relocated

The printing and copying service on G/F has been moved to 3/F with details as follows:
Printing Service Relocated


PCs in Multimedia Commons

PCs in Multimedia CommonsTo support multimedia production, more PCs with Abode applications and iMacs are provided in the newly renovated Multimedia Commons on 3/F.  Users can reserve them in advance on iBooking.  20 notebook PCs are being prepared in the new PC area in the Commons for walk-in use.  Color and B&W printers are available nearby to support printing.