Library White Boards: Terms of Use

  • White boards are installed in the Library to facilitate collaborative learning among library users, and the sharing of ideas visually during group work.
  • White board markers and erasers are provided by the Library at the white boards. Library users can also request for them at service counters on P/F and 4/F.
  • Library users are expected to erase all contents marked on white boards once they finish using them for their discussion and leave the study areas. They should also put the caps back on the markers, and return any markers and erasers loaned to the service counters.
  • Library users should not use the whiteboards to create drawings or text that are obscene, libelous or discriminative, or to promote goods, events or illegal activities. The Library reserves the right to erase such content.
  • All markings left on the white boards will be erased daily by Library staff after the Library opens.