Forum on Library Extension and Revitalisation Project

The Campus Development Office (CDO), Communications and Public Affairs Office (CPA) and the Library will jointly organize a Forum on Library Extension and Revitalisation Project (LER) on Friday, 17 May 2019, from 2:30pm to 3:30pm in N003. The Director of CDO and the University Librarian will share more details about the LER project, the schedule of work and impacts for users, etc. in the occassion. All PolyU students and staff are welcome to join the forum. Visit here to reserve your seat for the event by 15 May 2019!

Improvement work in Washrooms – Toilet Seat Sanitizer and New Signage

Facilities Management Office has installed sanitizer dispensers for all toilet cubicles in the Library washrooms. Users may apply the sanitizer on toilet tissue and wipe down the toilet seats before and after use.  This new facility helps to provide an added level of personal hygiene for Library users and protect them against germs and bacteria when using the toilet seats.

To raise the users’ awareness about cleanliness and toilet hygiene, Facilities Management Office has replaced the signage of general reminders in all Library washrooms and installed additional signage in each toilet cubicle. The new signage aims to remind Library users doing their part to keep the washrooms clean and hygienic.

New signage in Library washrooms - General reminder for toilet users

New signage in toilet cubicles

Toilet seat sanitizer dispensers are now available in toilet cubicles.

Umbrella Dryer at Library Entrance

To encourage sustainability practices, the Library now provides an umbrella dryer at the entrance and stops offering users with plastic covers for their wet umbrellas. The sponge-like antibacterial materials of the umbrella dryer provide an eco-friendly way for users to remove the raindrops of their wet and dripping umbrellas. Let’s work together and reduce the use of plastic umbrella covers!