Revitalization of South Wings on 4/F & 5/F of the Library

To enhance the study environment and accommodate users' need on study, research and learning spaces, Library had undergone renovation work in North Wings of the 4/F & 5/F in the summer of 2017 and continued with the South Wings of 4/F & 5/F in the summer of 2018.
The newly renovated areas are filled with diversified varieties of study space. The South Wing of 4/F provides a dynamic circular area with high seating and comfy soft seating in the middle of the circle. The North Wing of 5/F provides over 35 semi-enclosed study carrels for individual study with tailored ceiling light system.

Library has re-arranged the study tables in South Wings of 4/F and 5/F so that study seats near windows and surrounded by bookshelves are available. The arrangement creates a pleasant and conducive environment for reading and study. High seating study tables adjacent to pillars and bookshelves are also an alternative to the traditional study seats for quiet study.

We believe the renovated Library space can better serve our users’ need and provide them with a brand new experience to enjoy reading and study.

Greening the Library

To provide a more relaxed ambience and introduce more green elements to the study space, Library has added various species of potted plants in our newly renovated areas. We hope the natural green color could help injecting a soothing and lifeful atmosphere into the study environment. We will consider adding more in other areas in the future.
Greening the Library