One Button Studio - Self-service facilities for students and staff to do video production 

The One Button Studio situated in 3/F Multimedia Commons is a self-service studio with a brand new service model to support you to actualise your creativity and help you to create digital content with just a few steps. Unlike traditional studio, the One Button Studio does not require special knowledge or expertise to control audio/video recording equipment during the production.

When you step into the One Button Studio, you will find a completely different experience that a high-quality audio/video recording could be very simple. What you need to do is bring along with a USB thumb drive* to save your files.

The settings of the studio are user-friendly and ready for various types of functions:
  • Product demonstration
  • Presentation with PowerPoint projection
  • Speech rehearsal
  • Small scale interview
You can reserve the One Button Studio 3 days in advance and a video editing workstation 1 day in advance via the iBooking system. The video editing workstations are installed with the most common and popular video editing software, and you may finish the video recording and post-production in one stop.

The One Button Studio and Video Editing Workstations are available for all PolyU staff and students at the iBooking System.
* The USB thumb drive required to be formatted in FAT32

Self-Checkout Station for Books Available Now

A self-checkout station for books is available now at the P/F Loan & Return Counter. It is set up at the far end of the counter near the Reserve Collection area. Users can now check out books from the Book Collection, PolyU Reads, New Book Display, Book Exhibition (P/F), and i-Space Book Display by themselves at the self-check station.

Simply tap your PolyU Student / Staff ID Card on the smartcard reader or scan your Library Card barcode by the red beam. Place the books one at a time with the book spine slides in the V-shaped trough and the Library book barcode facing above for scanning by the red beam. After the checkout is done, the ‘Due Date of Library Loan(s)’ notice will be sent to the borrower via email immediately.

Please come to try it out! Our friendly counter staff are always ready to help if assistance is needed.
Self-checkout station