What makes a successful decision? Prof. David Gavin from Harvard Business School once said, "Knowing where and how to find critical information is often the difference between successful and unsuccessful decisions."

In this module, you'll follow a team of students in preparing for a business plan competition, and explore the tips and tricks of finding crucial information sources for business research - economic forecast, industry and market analysis, company analytics, journal articles, and much more.

While biased and fraudulent sources are commonplace in the business world, relying on inaccurate and unreliable sources may cost you a fortune at different stages in your career. You'll also learn from expert researchers in the business fields (both academic and practitioners) on how to critically evaluate information.

Everyone produces information over the course of their daily lives. We'll also look at issues that concern how to ethically create business information, and effectively communicate it to your audience.

This self-paced online courseware equips you with the most crucial abilities needed for academic and business success, and helps you overcome challenges at university and workplace.

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