Enhancement of Learning Environment & Facilities on 1/F

  • Furniture Upgrade 

    The reading room L114 has been refurbished with new furniture. The table for computer workstations, individual study desks along the windows, mutli-seat study tables with power outlets and task lighting, and chairs with comfortable padding were delivered and installed in batches since Sep 2016. The new furniture is all in place in early Jan 2017.

  • Wall Refurbishment

    Subsequent to the carpet replacement last summer, the walls in reading rooms L114 and L115 have been repainted in white to improve the ambience of the study areas, and give a brighter and more contemporary look to the rooms. The Library will continue to enhance the learning environment and facilities of other reading rooms on 4/F and 5/F in future.

New Drinking Fountain on P/F

A new drinking fountain has been installed near the main staircase on P/F for Library users to refill their drink containers with options of cold, warm, and hot water. The water of the new drinking fountain has been tested and confirmed to be safe by the Facilities Management Office (FMO) before the new facility is put into service in early Jan 2017.
New Drinking fountain at main staircase, P/F