Student Corner

Creativity Unleashed by Student Helpers

Do you know who are the designers of those eye-catching posters in the Library? In fact, many of the promotional materials such as posters, banners, web icons and backdrops you find in Library/Library website/Facebook are not designed by professional designers, but our student helpers from the School of Design. Sing is one of them.
Sing - Library student helper
  • How do you design the Library promotional materials?
    “The production of the Library promotional materials is a team work. The Librarians, as my supervisors, will tell me the purpose and main message of each promotional material that I need to produce. I am allowed to do my design work with great flexibility. On the other hand, the student helpers responsible for copywriting will also advise on the language used in such promotional material. It’s a good opportunity for me to collaborate and work with Librarians and fellow students with complementary skills and expertise.”
  • What is your favorite project? Tell us more about the most satisfying design you have worked on?
    “My favorite project, or the most impressive one, is the event ‘The Wall of Wishes’. The project aimed to encourage students to exchange words of encouragement with fellow students through a small memo during the revision and exam period. To cheer up the stressed out students, free gift packs were also distributed. In this project, I was responsible for designing the promotional poster, banner, the Wishing memos and the quote card of the free gift packs. The event was well received by the students and the Wall of Wishes adjacent to the Library entrance was filled up by the colorful memos with warm and positive messages. It was amazing to learn that my design could facilitate such a pleasant experience – a moment of relaxation and happiness during the exam period. My little design mattered.”
  • You are graduating this year. How your work experience in the Library can benefit your future career?
    “Through the Library projects, I have got the chances to polish my graphic design skills and design promotional materials for posting up/displaying in the whole Library. This working experience here will definitely enrich my portfolio and help demonstrating my ability to the potential employers. ”
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