Update on Library Space Enhancement Project 

To accommodate users' need on study, research and learning spaces, the Library has started its renovation projects at 4 different areas, including the Reference Collection area (3/F), Multipuropose Hall (P/F), 24-Hour Study Centre (G/F) and Media Services (3/F). The former two areas have recorded very high occupancy rate after the completion of the renovation. The renovation project of the remaining two areas are expected to complete in Jan 2015.  

  • 24-Hour Study Centre (G/F) – Expansion and Refurbishment

    The newly renovated 24-Hour Study Centre is expanded to provide more Group Study Rooms and collaborative study space for users. These Group Study Rooms will be included in the iBooking System and made available for online reservation soon. Some minor touch-up work will be undertaken in the area and the new furniture will be arrived shortly.  Please stay tuned for our announcement.  
    Newly renovated 24-Hour Study Center

  • Multimedia Commons (3/F)

    With an aim to support the use and production of multimedia materials, the formerly Media Services area on 3/F has been renovated and renamed as Multimedia Commons. Lighting and ventilation system have been enhanced to provide a pleasant and comfortable learning environment. Although the renovation work is not yet completed, some areas in the Multimedia Commons has been partially opened to users since early Jan 2015.  Macintosh computers and PCs with Adobe graphic applications are available for online reservation. Upon the completion of the whole renovation project, users can make use of the Group Viewing Rooms, audiovisual carrels and computer carrels to prepare for their multimedia projects. Users will be able to browse and access to the audiovisual materials on open shelves and counter colleagues will provide check-in and check-out services as usual. Please refer to the Library homepage for the latest update.
    Multimedia Commons

Compact Shelving Project in Room L019 (G/F)

To make room for more study space, the Library has started the project to install compact shelving in Room L019 for housing 92,000 volumes bound journals.  Nearly 360 m2 of shelving space will be saved and converted into study area.  The project is expected to complete not later than Apr 2015. 

Compact Shelving Project

Update on Minor Building Works

L003 and L019

  • L003 and L019 Refurbishment (G/F)

    Re-painting work was conducted in Rooms L003 and L019 during the winter break in Dec 2014.  The rooms now look fresher and brighter with the new painting. Additional power outlets have been installed on the floor of Room L019 to facilitate the use of portable devices and the room will be refurnished to support collaborative study.

  • Air-conditioning System Upgrade in REC (3/F)

    The upgrade of the ventilation system in the Research Enhancement Centre (REC) was completed in Nov 2014.  The air circulation and fresh air intake have been enhanced to accommodate the seating capacity in the area.  
    Upgrade of Ventilation System in REC

  • Alteration Work in Room L002-L003

    With the relocation of ITS Secondary Computer Room to Block Z, some of the areas in Room L002 will be released for Library use and merged with Room L003 as the Quiet Study Area. Renovation work is underway and the project is expected to complete in these two months.