e-Bulletin (July 2017, Issue 99)

Featured Resources for Faculty of Humanities

Credo Reference

Need some background information to kick start your research? Start with Credo Reference.

Credo allows you to cross-search millions of full text articles from 800+ dictionaries and encyclopedias. These reference titles are sourced from over 100 reputable publishers covering 22 major disciplines.

  • PDF full text – All results are full-text and easy to save and download as PDF.
  • Listen and read – Listen to articles using the built-in speaker function, and use the translation tool to translate articles to one of 60 available languages.
  • Permalink to every article – All entries have a permalink, making it easy to embed them into a course site or website.
Credo Reference

Gale Literary Sources

Gale Literary Sources is a powerful research tool to enhance your study of literature. Whether you’re discussing science fiction or drama, classical or contemporary literature, this is a good place to start.

  • Simple search box – Search by author, works or keyword.
  • One-stop shop – Get author biographies, overviews, reviews, critical essays, and more.
  • Easy to save – You can download, save, print and cite results with a few clicks.

The database contains full-text entries from Literary Criticism Online, arguably the most extensive compilation of literary commentary available, plus indexed articles from over 6,000 journal titles in the MLA International Bibliography.

Gale Literary Sources

Super Book City (超閱網)

The Super Book City (超閱網) is a boutique collection of 368 e-books in Chinese. It covers a range of mainly humanities-related subjects, such as history, philosophy, religion, art, and literature. The collection carries a strong character because of its focus on Hong Kong publishers and topics about Hong Kong. It is a great resource for researchers conducting studies into the city, and for anyone looking for leisurely readings on Hong Kong culture. You can read the e-books offline; simply download the free eReaders provided in the site.

Super Book City (超閱網)

Media Resources


[NA1540 .Z46644 2010 DVD]

悠久的中華文明中, 留下了許多著名的樓閣, 它們是歷史賦予我們的瑰寶, 它們見證了華夏民族的歷史滄桑, 承載了歷代文人雅士的文學造詣。本片展現了"中國歷史文化名樓"的風采和歷史典故。



[NK3634.A2 M68 2014 DVD]

"這是一部探索書法藝術在文字與影像中遊走創意的實驗可能之紀錄片。 本片以古老漢字文化的神秘, 藉由虛實呼應的敍事手法, 紀錄台灣文創界代表性人物生活中的文字與書法。 了解漢字文化的精深博大, 以及這個古老藝術文化的獨特性, 是如何牽動著台灣當代人的生活作息。透過鏡頭仿若遊走於書法古典藝文的堂奧之美, 呈現不同領域的跨界, 新舊美學典範, 嘗試以書法為核心, 進行影像與文字間的意境風格的美學開創, 並結合大師揮毫的影像, 進行影像詩文, 音樂舞蹈的電視文創內容產業再創, 交織出隱喻, 華麗, 渲染的意境張力, 完美傳承中華書法之美與文化!"-- from DVD case cover.


Trial Databases

BMJ Best Practice

[Expiry: 31 Dec 2017]
This online resource provides evidence based research, guidelines and expert opinion in prevention, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis in clinical situation.

Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Daily Reports 1941-1996

[Expiry: 14 Jul 2017]
It is an archive of 20th Century news from around the world outside USA covering transcripts of foreign broadcasts and news; An online news archive resource for international studies, political science and world history.

Joint Publications Research Service (JPRS) 1957-1994

[Expiry: 14 Jul 2017]
This collection focuses on the technological and scientific development works published in communist countries, and the effect of those developments today. More than 50% of the collection includes published works from China on military, agriculture, pollution, nuclear weapons, etc.

Sage Business Cases

[Expiry: 31 Jul 2017]
This resource currently provides about 1,700 global cases in the real business world with teaching notes.