e-Bulletin (May 2023, Issue 169)

Movies of the 41st Hong Kong Film Award Winners and Nominees (2023)

The 41st Hong Kong Film Award Winners & Nominees and other new movie titles are now available on the display shelf at Audio Visual Collection (P/F), and you can check out your favorite movies for personal use via the self-checkout station in Reserve Collection area. Please be reminded to click on the movie title to check the DVD’s availability in advance.


Movie Title


Call No.

神探大戰 = Detective vs. sleuths

  • 最佳導演 Best Director
  • 最佳編劇 Best Screenplay
  • 最佳男主角 Best Actor
  • 最佳攝影 Best Cinematography

飯戲攻心 = Table for six

  • 最佳女配角 Best Supporting Actress

正義迴廊 = The sparring partner

  • 最佳剪接 Best Film Editing
  • 新晉導演 Best New Director

Movie Title


Call No.

七人樂隊 = Septet : the story of Hong Kong

  • 最佳動作設計 Best Action Choreography

緣路山旮旯 = Far far away

  • 最佳女配角 Best Supporting Actress

該死的阿修羅 = Goddamned Asura

  • 最佳亞洲華語電影 Best Asian Chinese Language Film

長津湖之水門橋 = The battle at Lake Changjin II

  • 最佳動作設計Best Action Choreography
  • 最佳音響效果Best Sound Design
  • 最佳視覺效果 Best Visual Effects

闔家辣 = Chilli laugh story

  • 最佳新演員 Best New Performer

阿媽有咗第二個 = Mama's affair

  • 最佳女主角Best Actress
  • 最佳男配角Best Supporting Actor
  • 最佳新演員Best New Performer
  • 最佳原創電影歌曲Best Original Film Song
For more movies of award winners and nominees, please click here.

Source: https://www.hkfaa.com/winnerlist41.html

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