e-Bulletin (Dec 2021, Issue 152)

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Travel restrictions may remain in place for a while, but this should never stop us from exploring the lifestyle, food, and culture in this resilient and adaptable city.

WGSN is the leading online trend analysis and research service providing creative and business intelligence for the style, design, and retail industries.

The City by City module from WGSN covers the latest retail and brands by city. Featured reports:
WGSN City by City
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Media Resources

South Downs National Park: how branding can transform tourism marketing

“This case study considers the branding success of the South Downs National Park to illuminate the importance of place branding in the tourism industry.” – HS Talk

South Downs National Park: how branding can transform tourism marketing


"從一個飯盒,講述中國人如何食得瘋狂。近年來,中國的外賣APPS大熱,無論任何時刻,食客只要打開手機,按個條碼,馬上就有熱騰騰的餐點送到府上。人們不用走遍大江南北,也可以品嚐各式佳餚美饌。數據技術開發更將外賣市場帶上雲端,北京成功測試用「無人車」送外賣,為客戶提供24小時全天候「即叫即送」的服務。無人車、無人飛機,在不久或會成為另一支外賣速遞員奇兵!舌尖上的中國,從此,起了翻天覆地的變化。"-- RTHK Website


New Additions & Trial Databases

Trial Databases:

IUPAC Standards Online

[Expiry: 31 Dec 2021]
It is a database created by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) covering international standards and recommendations extracted from Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry.

JSTOR journal and primary sources temporary expanded access

[Expiry: 30 Jun 2022]
To support libraries during the COVID-19 crisis, JSTOR has opened up free access to all Archive Journal Collections, Thematic Collections and Primary Sources Collections.

Nursing Reference Center Plus

[Expiry: 30 Jun 2022]
This evidence-based reference tool provides clinical resources to nurses, directly at point-of-care. It covers nursing skills with videos, management topics, care plans and more.