e-Bulletin (Mar 2021, Issue 143)

Featured Resources for Faculty of Construction and Environment

JoVE Science Education Library offers a rich collection of videos that demonstrate key concepts and fundamental lab techniques at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The videos are easy to follow, supported by transcripts in English, Chinese and other languages.

Explore these video collections that are relevant to FCE!
  • Structural Engineering videos: introduces fundamental concepts and protocols for material characterization, with specific emphasis on common construction materials such as steel, wood, and concrete;
  • Mechanical Engineering videos: introduces a range of concepts that are essential for understanding and designing mechanical systems;
  • Electrical Engineering videos: introduces the best practices for commonly used equipment in an electrical laboratory and other elements such as inductors, transformers, convertors, rectifiers, and inverters;
  • Environmental Science videos: explores environmental systems with topics ranging from soil and water contaminants, invasive species, alternative energy and forestry;
  • Physics I videos: covers classical mechanics and thermodynamics; and
  • Physics II videos: explores electrostatics, magnetism, optics, wave-based oscillations, and electrical circuits, etc.
Instructors can also embed the videos onto Blackboard course pages to facilitate students’ learning. Follow the simple steps here or contact FCE Faculty Librarian if you need any assistance.

JoVE Science Education Library

IEEE Courses provide online courses and tutorials for students, engineers, and technical professionals on a variety of subjects. The platform has recently added new courses on Machine Learning, Cyber Security for Autonomous Vehicles, and English for Technical Professionals.

Explore the courses by subject to learn more:

IEEE Courses


Media Resources

Understanding the World's Greatest Structures

Now, experience the engineering genius that makes these works possible with Understanding the World's Greatest Structures: Science and Innovation from Antiquity to Modernity--a marvelous learning experience that takes you around the world and reveals the stories behind the most famous structures from thousands of years of history. Delivered by award-winning Professor Stephen Ressler of the United States Military Academy at West Point, a civil engineer and a nationally honored leader in engineering education, these 24 lectures take you on a fascinating and richly illustrated tour that deftly blends history and science to create an unforgettable survey of our world's most remarkable structural masterpieces. (from Kanopy website)

Understanding the World's Greatest Structures

Big Data’s Shadow

[Part of the Series “The Surveillance State”]

The government and private industries are using a vast cache of information about each of us: our travel patterns, our web browsing habits, our purchasing preferences, and more. Efforts to decide upon and enact laws and policies trail behind new developments in technology, and this lecture examines the potential inherent in such deep and widespread data--as well as the threat it poses to privacy and anonymity. (from Kanopy website)

Big Data’s Shadow

Flying Robots: From Autopilots to Drones

[Part of the Series “Robotics”]

Robots. The mere word conjures up a bevy of mind-bending images pulled straight from popular science fiction tales. But robots aren't just the stuff of entertainment. They're transforming your life in ways you can't imagine. This episode takes to the air for an eye-opening look at aerial robots, from the autopilot features in commercial airplanes to unmanned drones that can deliver packages. Topics include the role of gyroscopic sensors and recent technological advancements that are extending the functionality and power of flying robots like never before. (adapted from Kanopy website)

Flying Robots: From Autopilots to Drones

Additions & Trial Databases

Trial Databases:

China and the Modern World : Hong Kong Britain and China, 1841-1951

[Expiry: 31 Mar 2021]
A collection of British government documents on colonial Hong Kong digitized from the British Colonial Office.

China and the Modern World : Missionary, Sinology, and Literary Periodicals 1817-1949

[Expiry: 15 Mar 2021]
A collection of 17 English-language periodicals published in or about China from1817 until the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949.

Clarity English - Road to IELTS (5 concurrent users)

[Expiry: 7 Mar 2021]
Road to IELTS helps learners of English with Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. The program helps IELTS candidates with every aspect of test preparation from understanding the tasks in the Reading paper, to dealing with nerves in the Speaking test — skills which are useful for all Intermediate-level learners of English.

iG Library

[Expiry: 31 Mar 2021]
Ebooks from various publishers on iG Publishing platform.

Notes : Trial includes sample ebooks from the following publishers only :
  • Business Expert Press
  • Kogan Page
  • Packt Publishing
  • Princeton University Press


[Expiry: 31 Mar 2021]


[Expiry: 30 Apr 2021]


[Expiry: 8 Mar 2021]
平台包括已訂購的資源, 如只想試用 “晚清期刊全文數據庫(1833-1911)增輯” , 可於左側目錄中取消點擊其他資源。

申報 (上海圖書館)

[Expiry: 8 Mar 2021]
《申報》電子版收錄了上海《申報》自1872年創刊以來至1949年终刊止所有版面,包括漢口、香港版《申報》的所有内容,及廣告、啓事、圖片等非正文内容 。 平台包括已訂購的資源, 如只想試用“申報”, 可於左側目錄中取消點擊其他資源。