e-Bulletin (Jan 2020, Issue 129)

Featured Resources for Faculty of Applied Science and Textiles

The peer-reviewed journals published by Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) have been a significant source of knowledge for the applied mathematics and computational science subjects. The library has subscribed to a number of SIAM journals including the followings:

SIAM Journals Online

Explore other databases for Mathematics & Statistics here.

Media Resources

Human aesthetics seem to be drawn to symmetry. Explore this idea mathematically through the study of mappings, translations, dilations and rotations. You can also see how symmetry is applied in modern day examples, such as cell phones. – from the webpage.

The Mathematics of Symmetry

Algorithmic information is plagued by a strange impossibility that shakes the very foundations of logic and mathematics. Investigate this drama in four acts, starting with a famous conundrum called the Berry Paradox, and including Turing’s surprising proof that no single computer program can determine whether other programs will ever halt. – from the webpage.

Uncomputable Functions and Incompleteness

This program is a dramatized presentation of the life of Sir Isaac Newton, as told by his friend and colleague Edmund Halley. Using both 17th- and 20th-century perspectives, this account takes viewers from Newton's study to the moon launching pad. We will meet the man and the genius who contributed the law of universal gravitation, differential calculus, and the reflecting telescope to our world. – from the webpage.

Newton: The Mind That Found the Future

Whether it's chess, poker, or Sudoku most games have this in common: Everything you need to win is rooted in mathematics. Now, using nothing more than a simple grasp of math, you can discover optimal ways to win games and solve puzzles with the speed and accuracy of professional players. – form the webpage.

The Mathematics of Games and Puzzles: From Cards to Sudoku Series