Want to learn Python but not sure how and where to start? Try DataCamp!

Knowledge of data science and analytics has become increasingly useful for all graduates entering the 21st-century workforce in all subject disciplines. Data-driven approach to support decision making has become more crucial than ever in every industry. As a student, it is important to equip yourself with the skills to confidently work effectively and efficiently with data.


The Library has recently subscribed to DataCamp*, an online learning platform that allows you to acquire data science, data analytics and data visualisation skills with various technologies, such as R, Python and SQL, at your own pace.

Here are some typical data science topics that may be of interest to you:

  • Data Collection

    Learn how to efficiently import data from various resources. In the digital age, web scraping is getting more popular for collecting large-scale data and manually extracting data from websites can help save your time and cost. Courses in DataCamp like Web Scraping in R and Web Scraping in Python are a perfect place to start.







DataCamp has also provided a wide range of resources, such as tutorials, cheat sheets and podcast, for you to learn more about data science.

Register here to access the full contents of DataCamp!

For PolyU staff teaching data courses, you can consider using the materials from DataCamp to supplement your teaching courses. Do check with your Faculty Librarian for more information.

Should you have any queries about accessing DataCamp, email us at lbres@polyu.edu.hk, or call us at 2766-6863 during the library opening hours.

*For PolyU students and staff only

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