Newly Acquired Online Video Collections and Databases

To support online teaching and learning activities of the University, the following resources are newly acquired by the Library.


1. Science Video Collections

    • JoVeJoVE Science Education is an online video collection designed for educators and students to better teach and learn key concepts and fundamental scientific techniques through easy to understand video demonstrations.
      • Advanced Biology
      • Basic Biology
      • Chemistry
      • Clinical Skills
      • Engineering
      • Environmental Sciences
      • Physics
      • Psychology
    • JoVE Core contains video textbooks which explain concepts taught in undergraduate courses through high-impact animations and real-life experiments.
      • Biology
      • Chemistry
      • Molecular Biology
      • Social Psychology
    • JoVE Lab Manual provides all-in-one solution for teaching undergraduate lab courses through engaging, comprehensive, and curriculum-focused videos for both instructors and students.
      • Biology
      • Chemistry
    • JoVE Encyclopedia of Experiments is an online video encyclopedia of advanced research experiments for scientists in academia and biotech.


2. Preparation for IELTS

  • Road to IELTS is an online resource for IELTS preparation developed by the British Council and Clarity English.
  • NetLanguages IELTS Preparation series offers online courses with interactive study materials to help IELTS candidates prepare for IELTS tests.
    • NetLanguages IELTS writing test preparation
    • NetLanguages IELTS speaking test preparation
    • NetLanguages IELTS preparation course and practice test

Road to IELTS NetLanguages IELTS Preparation


3. China Studies – Primary Sources


4. ThesesDissertations & Theses


5. Handbooks & Audiobooks

We will continue to strengthen our support for online learning and teaching. Check out more quality resources at the Library website and you will discover something new! Do send us your purchase recommendations via Library eForm if the resources you need are not held by the Library.

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