Sterilization of Library’s Digital Equipment with the New UV-C Chamber

UV-C Disinfection ChamberAre you worried about the hygiene of the notebook computers or tablets when you borrow them from the Library self-service kiosks? Here is the good news! Library users are now welcome to use our new UV-C Disinfection Chamber near the Digital Visualisation Room at 4/F North Wing to sterilize Library’s digital equipment, i.e. laptops, tablets, VR devices, electronic IoTs, headphones and other AV equipment.

The UV-C lights in the chamber can disinfect objects, and kill COVID-19 and other viruses. Recommended disinfection time varies depending on the size of the object. For example, 5-10 minutes for laptops and tablets, and 3 minutes for electronic IoTs, VR devices, headphones and other AV equipment. The disinfection process will stop immediately when the chamber door is opened.


Reminder for using the UV-C Disinfection Chamber

1. Please follow the notice on the spot for instructions and proper use of the facility.
2. Do not put non-Library digital equipment or personal belongings into the UV-C Disinfection Chamber. The Library is not responsible for any damages incurred from improper use of the UV-C Disinfection Chamber.

Please come and try it now!

UV-C Disinfection Chamber

The UV-C Disinfection Chamber is available near the Digital Visualisation Room (4/F North Wing)

Other precautionary measures for COVID-19 are available here.

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