Interactive Wayfinding and Navigation Kiosks


Interactive Wayfinding and Navigation Kiosks

Embedded with an interactive floor directory, the newly installed wayfinding and navigation kiosks give you a completely new user experience in location search in the Library. In just a few clicks, you will find the latest location of the library spaces, book collections and computing facilities, and the recommended paths to get there.

Key Features & Highlights

  • Basic Browse
    You may first browse the Blue Menu on the left of the screen for major navigation categories:
    1. Collection (including books and audiovisual materials)
    2. Space
    3. Help Desk
    4. Borrowing & Return Services
    5. Computing & Digital Facility
    6. Other Facilities
  • Refining Your Search
    Next, you can refine your search results through the sub-menu on the top.

    Search Example
    If you need to find a scanning service, you can simply press “Computing/Digital Facility” button in the left Blue Menu, then press the sub-menu “Printing, Copying and Scanning” on the top, and refine the results by floor to find the nearest scanning equipment available to you.

  • Shortcuts to Frequently Used Facilities
    Shortcuts to some frequently used facilities like battery charging stations and toilets are shown in the Green Menu at the lower part of the screen on the left.

  • Navigation Path
    After selecting the location or so-called Point of Interest (POI), a suggested path will be shown in the floor plan to assist you to navigate to the designated POI.  You can also scan the QR code on the result page for additional information about the POI.
  • Smart Search
    Based on the word you provided, the kiosks will give you suggestions for what you may be looking for across the Library floor directory to optimise the search experience.

The wayfinding kiosks are located near the lift lobby of each floor. Come and try when you visit the Library next time!

The web version of this wayfinding floor plan will be available at Library website soon. Stay tuned!

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