Tips on Data Backup and Preservation

A robust data backup plan can guarantee long-term data availability for usage in the future while preventing data loss. For instance, diversifying the risk of data loss, damage, and obsolescence can be achieved by storing valuable data on at least two different types of storage medium.

Here are some good tips to help:

Apply the 3-2-1 rules Schedule your backup
Keep 3 copies of your research data, save the copies in 2 types of storage media, and place 1 copy off-site. Backups of your data should be made frequently and after each significant change.
Regular check on data integrity Use file format with long-term availability
Test your backup frequently to make sure you can restore data whenever required. To stop storage media from becoming obsolete, periodically migrate the data file to new storage media. After a backup and data movement, perform a checksum. If at all possible, use open-source or non-proprietary file formats with open documentation. Some suggested file formats can be found here.

Visit this online guide to discover more useful techniques for handling your research data.

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