Self-service Studios for Video/Sound Recording and Multimedia Production

The Library has set up five new self-service studios, including two One Button Studios, two Sound Recording Studios and one Multimedia Production Studio, which are located at 3/F North Wing near the Staircase No. 1. Studios for video shooting now come with better soundproofing capabilities and lighting control. Flexible background setup for photography and videography is made available by the Chroma key green screen and paper backdrops in different colours. Current students and staff can reserve the studios via iBooking seven days in advance. [new booking policy effective July 2023]


One Button Studios (OBS)

The One Button Studios are self-service studios equipped with a 4K UHD professional camera, big monitor and Chroma key green screen and paper backdrops in different colours for you to make quality video recordings for presentations, small-scale interviews, rehearsals for speech, thesis and dissertation defenses, etc.

Through AI function, the new 4K UHD professional camera supports subject tracking and autofocus for moving targets. The user-friendly integrated OBS control system simplifies the video shooting process and you can just press a button to create high quality videos for academic work.

Multimedia Production Studio (MPS)

The MPS is of larger room size when compared with the OBS and it is dedicated to the creation of multimedia content.

Apart from the studio light box for the shooting of still life photos, you can create animation with motion capture easily by using the Virtual Character & Live Animation System software, or create 3D objects by scanning or photogrammetry. The MPS also provides software for you to build your avatar/3D character and create 360 virtual tours quickly and easily.


3D Character Creation Software

Live Animation System

360 Virtual Library Tour








Sound Recording Studios (SRS)

The two Sound Recording Studios are installed with Mac Studio plus a 34-inch QHD curved monitor/27-inch iMac on the big workstation desk, allowing you to create audio clips more efficiently.

Other than the entry-grade audio and video production software (e.g. Audacity, GarageBand and iMovie), SRS also provide Apple Pro Apps Bundle for advanced-level users to explore and use.

You can use the cardioid or multi-pattern microphone to record narrations for presentation for your project and review the audio recording through the studio monitor headphone and speaker. With the new integrated midi controller or digital piano, and virtual sound mixer, you can create your song or background music for your video efficiently.

Come and unleash your creativity! Visit this page to learn more about our studios and stay tuned for our upcoming workshops.




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