Survey Results: Mini-Survey on Library’s New 6/F

Launched in July 2022, the Library’s new 6/F provides flexible spaces and modern facilities to accommodate various learning styles and activities. To gauge the user experience and to identify any areas where the new top floor can be further enhanced, we conducted a mini-survey in October 2022 for students and staff to share their perspectives and opinions with us.


A total of 1,678 students and staff participated in the mini-survey and the overall feedback indicated that most of them visit the new 6/F quite often and are satisfied with the new space and facilities. In terms of the frequency of use, 67% of student respondents reported that they visited the 6/F on a daily or weekly basis, while 85% came at least once a month. High scores were recorded across all three user satisfaction survey questions: A Comfortable and Inviting Environment (4.41/5), Quiet Study Space (4.28/5) and Group Study Space (4.24/5). It is encouraging to see our effort in spatial extension and renovation are well-received.

566 survey participants responded to the open-ended question on the new 6/F. After calibration, the Library took the following timely follow-up actions to improve our space provision conducive to learning.

Overall, our users ask for What the Library has done / will do
Better air quality The Library reported to Campus Facilities and Sustainability Office (CFSO) and Campus Development Office (CDO) for immediate follow-up whenever odour issues were reported by users.
More study tables and chairs With the shipping delay during the COVID-19 season, the Library relocated existing furniture to the 6/F for its opening. The new study tables and chairs arrived subsequently and related installation was completed in January 2023.
Smart curtains The Library, CDO and the project consultant had a meeting to explore the feasibility of installing daylight sensors and timer control for the operation of the electronic curtains. Awaiting further proposal from the project consultant.
Better Wi-Fi connection The Library raised the Wi-Fi issue to Information Technology Services Office (ITS); new Wi-Fi transmitters were installed on 6/F to improve connectivity in November 2022.
Socket Testing & Inspection The Library reported the socket problems to CFSO and CDO for arranging an inspection of all sockets on 6/F in December 2022.

Lucky Draw Winner of the Library Mini-survey


Thanks again to all who participated in the mini-survey, and congratulations to Ms ZHANG Yun (AF) who won an Apple iPad in the lucky draw!

For details, please visit the website on User Surveys.

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