Feature Stories of Outstanding Work by Students

The PolyU Outstanding Work by Students (OWS) exhibition and online portal showcase stories about award-winning work and inspiring projects by students, as well as videos capturing their learning experiences. Eight new feature stories are now exhibited on the OWS online portal.

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PolyU offers many scholarship opportunities, covering academic ones to extra-curricular ones. All of these serve as great motivation and encouragement for us to further learn and grow.

— Anna Tao (Faculty of Business)

I have learned that adhering to the schedule is the most important consideration in a project. We might tend to spend more time than expected to deliver the perfect result for every project stage.

— Yau Hei Chu (Faculty of Engineering)

Choose your career path wisely before the final year has come. You have three years to find and explore what you want to be and what you don’t want to be.

— Benjamin Fung (Faculty of Applied Science and Textiles)

During the project, I learned how to manage my time and complete multiple tasks in time. I learned how to adapt to changes in our tasks and how to solve a problem when it arises.

— Safiullah Saad Bin (Faculty of Engineering)


“Everyone can make mistakes, even published papers can be wrong. We should trust our judgment based on our own knowledge and keep our critical thinking on everything.”

— Oscar Ouyang (Faculty of Applied Science and Textiles)


“Whenever you meet challenges or obstacles, you will learn something afterwards. So, join more competitions, it would be fun and make your university life much more fruitful.”

— Christine Suen (Faculty of Construction and Environment)


“Do not be afraid of trying new things. Neither of my teammates nor I was any good at computing, but we still decided to try. I cannot say that our research was flawless, but we did learn a lot doing it. “

— Toby Chan (Faculty of Health and Social Sciences)


“Seize and treasure the opportunities of gaining practical experience. The accumulation of experiences could not only build your CV but also your confidence in handling ad-hoc issues. “

— Jeremy Lam (School of Hotel and Tourism Management)

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