The Resource List: Easy Access to Textbooks, Course Readings and More

The Resource List is an easy-to-use platform that links students to textbooks, references, and Open Educational Resources from inside the Learn@PolyU course pages.

During the online learning and teaching period, Faculty Librarians have been in touch with instructors to enhance the Resource List so that students can get quick access to course materials, especially those in electronic format. We have been actively sourcing reading lists from the course instructors and Definitive Programme Documents provided for each programme of study. Upon receipt, the Library will purchase the textbooks and course readings that are not held in the Library collections. When the resources are in place and ready for use, we will embed and update the Resource List in Learn@PolyU course pages to facilitate direct access to resources via PolyU Library homepage.

To help students to get the most from the Resource List, the Library has taken the initiation to enhance the features and contents in Course Resource Lists recently as follows:

  1. Purchase e-version of print book titles in the Course Resource List for students to access to core reading materials off-campus during the pandemic;
  2. Sort the reading assignments by weeks with additional note, if available, in the Resource List to facilitate easy browsing; &
  3. Pilot listings of high-quality Open Educational Resources (OER) into course Resource Lists in collaboration with individual course instructors.
Enhanced Resource List

Enhanced Resource List with selected high-quality Open Education Resources relevant to the course.

Here’s what faculty are saying about the Resource List.

“I taught a postgraduate level research method course this semester. Many students had a strong need to learn statistical analyses, but my course could only focus on research design. The OER offered by our professional librarian turned out to be super helpful. It opened up access to excellent free resources in reputable universities, through which students can learn the statistical analytical skills themselves.”  – Dr Amy Ou, Associate Professor, Department of Management and Marketing

“With the efficient delivery of services from the library team, I was able to present a well-structured and comprehensive list of course materials inside my Learn@PolyU course page in a short time. The seamless connection to all critical materials greatly enriches the student learning experience.” – Dr Anson Wong, Teaching Fellow, School of Accounting and Finance

To learn more about Resource List, view this 1-minute video:

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