Changes of Physical Library Spaces amid COVID-19 Pandemic

To accommodate the needs of study space for PolyU students and staff, our Library reopened the Podium Floor (P/F) in mid-March 2020 with precautionary measures implemented. Individual study seats and PC workstations were arranged with 1.8m distance apart to maintain a safe social distancing among users. For the tables with seats opposing one another, foam board barriers were installed to enforce the social distancing measure. The reopened area was for individual study only.

New furniture setting on the Library Podium Floor under the COVID-19 pandemic


Owing to the sudden surge of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in late March 2020, the Library was temporarily closed while the Physical Resources Retrieval Service for students and staff continued.

Shortly after the University announced the resumption of normal operations on campus, the Library reopened all its floors to PolyU students and staff on 4 May 2020, while the 24-Hour Study Centre and all group rooms remain closed. As a precautionary measure, study seats have been reduced to keep a safe distance apart. All study seats are for individual study only. All users are required to wear a mask in the Library. Amid pandemic uncertainty, the Library will closely monitor the situation, and make further adjustments on its physical space if necessary.


Reduced study places from 3/F to 5/F for social distancing

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