Workshop Handouts

Get a preview of Library workshops for this semester below and register for ones that suit your needs here. Participants can download the full handouts by logging in to the workshop page after class.

Theme 1: Essential skills for academic success

Code Topic Handouts Preview
LS033 Online Tools for Assignments View
LS036 Library Resources and Services for Postgraduate Students View
LS039 Citing References and Avoiding Plagiarism View
LS066 Library Resources for CAR Subjects - CAR A & B View
LS068 Library Resources for CAR Subjects - CAR C & D View

Theme 2: Staying focused: tapping on specialized information tools

Code Topic Handouts Preview
LSE-02 E-discovery - Finding Standards View
LSE-05 * E-discovery - Passport View
LS042 Mastering Techniques in Searching Business & Financial Databases View
LS060 * Specialized workshop for Health Sciences Subjects View
LS073 Databases for Hospitality and Tourism Research View

Theme 3: Reference Management Tools

Code Topic Handouts Preview
LS054 Exploring Features of Mendeley View
LS056 Using EndNote (Part 1 : Essential Features) View
LS057 Using EndNote (Part 2: Advanced Features) View
LS065 EndNote for Mac Users View
LS070 Using EndNote (Exclusively for Staff) View
LS071 Using EndNote (Exclusively for Postgraduates) View

Theme 4: Research analysis: tools to support authors and scholarly publishing

Code Topic Handouts Preview
LS011 Citation Databases - Web of Science and Scopus View
LS034 Using Journal Analyzing Tools to Evaluate Journals View
LS045 Using Essential Science Indicators to Analyse Research Performance View
LS055 Managing Author Profiles to Increase Your Research Visibility View
LS062 Using SciVal to Identify Research Potentials View
LS074 Publishing 101 - Basics of Academic Journal Publishing View
LS075 Introduction to SciVal for Administrative Staff   New! -
LS076 Introduction to Citation Databases for Administrative staff   New! -

* Version as of Sem 2 2017/18. The rest are as of Sem 1, 2018/19.

Here are some other topical workshops that could be offered in the coming semesters. Please keep an eye out for them on the Library Workshop page.

Code Topic Handouts Preview
LSE-01 E-discovery - Factiva View
LS016 * Searching Specialized Databases in Social Sciences View
LS053 Resources for China Studies View
LS061 Searching Specialized Databases in Biology and Chemistry View
LS072 Library Research for Freshmen View

* Version as of Sem 2 2017/18. The rest are as of Sem 1, 2018/19.