MakerMindset@i-Space Workshops – Join Now!

As the new academic year begins, the Library offers various hands-on MakerMindset workshops at i-Space to enable you to unleash your creativity and innovation during term-time.


Vinyl Cutting & Laser Cutting Workshops

  1. Creating Full Colour Stickers with Vinyl Cutter
    Learn how to create full-colour stickers using a vinyl cutter, a computer-controlled cutting device. You’ll get hands-on experience preparing artwork for colour printing and vinyl cutting using Adobe Illustrator, and understand the basic operation of a vinyl cutter.
  2. Creating Puzzle Game with Laser Cutter
    Discover the art of laser cutting by creating a wooden puzzle game. You’ll learn to prepare artwork for laser cutting using Adobe Illustrator, see a demonstration on how a laser cutter works, and get introduced to the Library’s laser cutting service.

Video and Multimedia Production Workshops

  1. Video Recording in One Button Studio and Editing with Capcut
    This workshop is designed for beginners looking to familiarise themselves with video production. You’ll learn camera operation, basic video editing skills, and gain valuable knowledge and practical experience that can be applied to your assignments and personal projects.
  2. Animating your virtual character in live video production
    Explore the world of multimedia production and unleash your creativity. This workshop will show you how to create your virtual character and animate it using open-source software.

Internet of Things (IoT) and AI Workshop

  1. Internet of Things (IoT) – Controlling LED with Blynk
    Take this opportunity to learn the concepts of IoT and create your own IoT application. Even with no prior programming experience or electronic knowledge, you can learn how to configure and program IoT components.
  2. Introduction of AI – Build your first machine learning model with Lobe
    Discover the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. In this workshop, you’ll get an overview of AI and have the chance to build your first machine learning model using Lobe, a platform that simplifies the process of machine learning.


To learn more and sign up, go to the MakerMindset@i-Space programme page.

Want to see what we did in our past workshops? Check out the i-Space’s Online Training Resources page for details.

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