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  • Citation Search

  • Do You Want to Know Who Is Citing Your Research Work?

    Web of Science provides “Cited Reference Search” which is the most popular tool to find out who has cited your work. Scopus also provide information of citing documents since 1996. Please contact your Faculty/Schools Librarian to find out more or to arrange a tailored workshop to all interested staff in your department.



    Do You Need Formal Citation Search or Citation Verifications?

    The Library offers Citation Search Service to faculty members who want to find out how many times your work has been cited. After providing us a list of your publications, Librarians will use Web of Science to trace cited references and report to the requester of the result, such as:

    • A count of the number of times an author's work is cited
    • A list of the source documents in which an author's work is cited

    We also assist faculty members who need formally verified citation search results when applying for fellowships from academic bodies.

    Please fill in request form and forward it to your Faculty/Schools Librarian for processing. Normally, it takes around 10 to 15 days (depending on the number of publications to be checked) for processing the request. For more details, please visit