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  • Contingency Planning for a Flexible and Study-Friendly Environment

  • Low-usage journals at Remote Store

    The Library is constantly finding new ways to provide improved services. With University-wide support, we are at the final stage of moving low-usage materials to a Remote Store in order to open new spaces for study. During the examination period, 385 additional seats were provided for students, with Room L003 also opened for 24-hour access. At peak study times the Library proved to be an extremely popular destination. Seats throughout the Library were nearly filled to capacity. After the exam period, Room L003 will be open normal library hours, but the additional seating created by relocation of the high density shelving will remain. The low-usage materials will be available for next day retrieval services and journal scanning at the start of the new term in 2012. Your patience and cooperation throughout the removal period has been greatly appreciated.

    Room L003 during the examination period

    Additional 24-hour study area during exam period

    Huge demand on library study places were recorded in Dec 2011

    The newly renovated Research Enhancement Centre (3/F) and Podium Floor are installed with raised flooring to provide flexibility as the Library's technology demands change and grow. Cabling can be more easily installed without extensive construction. As a result, there are ramps located at stairs, elevators and most notably, the main entrance. The ramps are required to be at gentle angles, but as an added precaution, carpeting in a contrasting color and pattern has been installed to bring attention to the inclines. The Library is committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for our users.

    Carpeting in a contrasting color and pattern have been installed to bring attention to the inclines of the raised flooring