Extended Scheme for Internationalization

Manual of Purchasing Procedures


Important Notes

  1. The general guidelines are applicable to the participants of PolyU Library Multimedia Project.
  2. Students MUST follow the procedures listed below for all purchasing and reimbursement even the financial support came from outside body.
  3. Student should prepare budget plan, seek endorsement from Mr. Godfrey Ho and approval from the Library before any purchasing for the project. Reimbursement will not be allowed if any purchase or commitment of services without prior approvals.
  4. All purchased items are University's property and students must return them after use. If any purchased item is lost, the student must pay the cost of replacement to the Library.
  5. If students have questions on procedures, please contact Ms. Frenda Fung at 2766-6965.

This document provides you the procedures on purchasing and reimbursement and relevant forms should be submitted. It covers


A Guideline for Budget Plan

Students should submit a Budget Plan for endorsement from Mr. Godfrey Ho and approval from the Library. The Library will then process the Budget Plan and inform you the result in around one week. The Library will not process any reimbursement for purchases without prior approval.

Each student has maximum HK$2,000 allowance for the cost of video production. For example, if a group consists of 3 students, then the whole group will have maximum HK$6,000 allowance for the project production.

Unallowable Item

  • General stationeries such as papers, pens, cutters, files, and so on.
  • Printing accessories such as toner, ink, and so on.
  • Reference material such as books, journals, magazines, seminars, DVD/VCD/CD, movie.
  • Souvenirs or gifts to supporters, sponsors, actors/actresses, members of focus groups and user test.

Meals/Snacks/Drinks to Volunteers

  • Pre-approval from Supervisor and University Librarian is required and the Library reserves the right of final decision.
  • Meals, snacks, and drinks with a max. Budget of HK$30 per head per meal may be considered to be offered to volunteers who participate in film making, focus groups, or user test.
  • "Volunteer" does not include project members and any person who will get paid.
  • A name list of volunteers (with their position in the project and the period working time) for each meal should be provided when claiming the expenses.

Software and Hardware Equipment

Software and hardware should be purchased through the Library due to (i) special educational prices will be offered to PolyU instead of individual student and (ii) those facilities may be available in the Library or School of Design.


  • Hired transportation items are allowed (i.e. mini-vans) for the pre-production and production phrases.
  • Mass transit transportation, petrol charge and parking fees for motorcar are not claimable.
  • Pre-approval from Supervisor and University Librarian is required and the Library reserves the right of final decision.


  • PolyU's Group Personal Accident Insurance for students is to cover student who is participating in authorized academic activities.
  • Students should keep supervisors informed of schedule of location shooting and are not to perform high risky shooting.
  • Students should additionally purchase public liability insurance and/or third party insurance if they are scheduling larger scale of location shooting, in terms of space and people.

Procedures on General Purchasing Items [Approved Budget Plan]

  • Item up to HK$2,000 (payment settled by students)
  • Purchase the approved Items and submit Student Claim Form [F14] to the Library with valid original receipt

    Reimbursement will be made directly to student bank account in around 6-8 weeks if required documents are provided

  • Item over HK$2,000 (payment settled by PolyU)
  • Submit Purchase Request Form [L02] to the Library with 3 valid quotations


    PolyU Finance Office will process the purchase request and issue Purchasing Order (PO) to the accepted company and this process will normally take 17 working days


    After delivery, submit the invoice to the Library. Payment will be made directly to the company around 1 month normally if required documents are provided



    Any person who performs in your work as actor/actress/stuntman/freelancer/music composer, etc, without payment, they are required to fill in the Personal Release form [F07]* or Music Release form [F10]* (whenever appropriate) and then submit to the Library after the job is done.

    * [F07] Personal Release & [F10] Music Release forms shall be used as deemed appropriate


    Right Release Report/SD Sound Library Music Cue Sheet

    • After completion of the project, students should fill in the Right Release Report Form [F12], which is a statement to reflect the status of right release of your project.
    • Students need to sign the SD Sound Library Music Cue Sheet [F13] when they using the music from SD Sound Library in their project.