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Title Subject(s)
AGRICOLA (1970+) Agriculture
Algology Mycology and Protozoology Abstracts (Microbiology C) (1982+) Biology & Life Science
Aluminium Industry Abstract (1972+) Engineering, Mechanical, Material Science
Animal Behavior Abstracts (1982+) Biology & Life Science
Apabi e-book
ARTbibliographies modern Art & Design
Bacteriology Abstracts (Microbiology B) (1982+) Biology & Life Science
Biochemistry Abstracts 1 (1981-1993) Biology & Life Science
Biochemistry Abstracts 3 (1982-1993) Biology & Life Science
Biotechnology Research Abstracts (1980+) Biotechnology
Britannica ImageQuest Art & Design, Multi-Disciplinary
British Nursing Index Nursing
Calcium & Calcified Tissue Abstracts (1982+) Biology & Life Science
Ceramic Abstracts (1975+) Engineering, Manufacturing, Engineering, Mechanical, Material Science
Chemoreception Abstracts (1982+) Biology & Life Science
China Digital Library (中華數字書苑) China Studies, Multi-Disciplinary
Computer and Information Systems Abstracts (1981+) Computing & Computer Science
Conference Papers Index (1982+) Multi-Disciplinary
Copper Data Center Database (1965+) Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, Engineering, Mechanical, Material Science
Copper Technical Reference Library (1965+) Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
Corrosion Abstracts (1980+) Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, Engineering, Mechanical, Material Science
COS Conference Papers Index (1982+) Biology & Life Science
Design and Applied Arts Index (1973+) Art & Design
Ecology Abstracts (1982+) Biology & Life Science, Environmental Science
EconLit (1886+) Accounting & Finance, Economics
Electronics and Communications Abstracts (1981+) Engineering, Electrical & Electronic
Encyclopaedia Britannica Online (Current) Reference
Endocrinology Abstracts (1985-1986) Biology & Life Science, Biotechnology
Engineered Materials Abstracts (1986+) Material Science
Entomology Abstracts (1981+) Biology & Life Science