International Statistical Yearbook (Latest edition)

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International Statistical Yearbook (Latest edition) covers a wide range of economic and socio-economic themes including short term economic indicators, general economic statistics, industry statistics, national accounts statistics, financial statistics, social statistics, communications statistics, transport statistics, demographic statistics etc. It contains more than 1,600,000 monthly, quarterly and annual time series. It is updated annually. Themes cover:

  • World Bank Statistics
  • IMF Statistics
  • UNIDO Industrial Statistics
  • UNECE Statistics
  • DSI Global Economic Statistics
  • OECD Statistics - Statistical Compendium
  • OECD Statistics
  • OECD International Trade
  • WTO External Trade Statistics
  • European Central Bank Statistics
  • European Union Statistics - Tables by themes
  • European Union Statistics - Tables on EU policy
  • European Union Statistics - Database by themes
  • European Union Statistics - Cross cutting topics
  • European Union Statistics - Production statistics EUROPROMS
  • Intra-Extra-EU Trade Statistics - Time Series View
  • Intra-Extra-EU Trade Statistics - Table View
  • DSI`s Intra-Extra-EU Trade Carbon Footprint Database
  • European Union Statistics - European Commission, DG ECFIN
  • U.S. Statistics
  • German Central Bank Statistics
  • German Central Bank Statistics - Historical Data
  • German Statistical Office Statistics GENESIS
  • DSI Global Environmental Database