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Requesting Permissions directly from the Copyright Holder

For published work (for example, article or illustration in a book or journal), you should contact the publisher in the first instance.

Most publishers will have a website which will include information about requesting permission. Some publishers allow you to obtain permission through an online permission service (e.g. RightsLink). Some publishers prefer you to obtain permission via an online form. Alternatively, you can write, fax or email to the publisher or other copyright owner. When requesting use of copyrighted material, the following information should be included in your request:

  1. Your details: Professor/instructor name, Department, Institution, Contact information
  2. Course details: Course name and number, Semester, Expected enrollment
  3. Requested materials:
    • Books: author/editor, book title, publisher, edition, ISBN, year of publication, chapter title, page numbers, figure/table numbers.
    • Journals: journal title, year of publication, volume, issue, ISSN, author, article title, page numbers, figure/table numbers.
  4. Usage details: A complete and accurate description of how the work will be used in your MOOC, for example,
    1. Reproduce text or image in handouts/lesson slides
    2. Incorporated into a lecture video
    3. Modify an image or other materials in a book/an article
    4. Scan and mount materials on the web server as supplemental reading/required reading

The following resources may be useful when contacting copyrights holders:

List of publishers and permission contact Template for requesting copyright