Collection Development Model

Collection Development Model


  • To facilitate and enhance the use of the Library collections by understanding and meeting the information needs of PolyU students, faculty and research members.
  • To ensure better integration of print and digital resources to support the University teaching and research.
  • To actively engage stakeholders in collection development.


  • Library Management Team (LMT)

    • LMT reviews and endorses collection development policies and procedures proposed by the Collection Development Working Team.

  • Collection Development Working Team (CDWT)

    • Reporting to LMT, and co-chaired by the Associate Librarian (Collections & Scholarly Communication) and the Section Head (Collection Development), the Collection Development Working Team implements collection development and management activities. The Team meets monthly to discuss collection development and management issues, to review/enhance policies and procedures, to evaluate and approve new subscriptions or cancellations, to determine collection goals for various areas of the collection, and to conduct the programmes/projects for collection development.

    • Membership:

      • Associate Libraian (Collections & Scholarly Communication) (Co-Chair)
      • Section Head (Collection Development) (Co-Chair)
      • Section Head (User Experience & Outreach)
      • All Faculty/School Librarians
      • Assistant Librarian (Acquisitions)
      • Other members where appropriate
  • Selection/Liaison Team

    • i) Each Faculty/School Librarian will serve as team leader in a Selection/Liaison Team comprising other library professional staff. The Team is responsible for all aspects of collection development in subject areas relevant to his/her faculty or school.

    • ii) Membership:

      • Faculty/School Librarian (Team Leader)
      • Section Head (Collection Development) overseeing Chinese materials
      • Assistant Librarian (Acquisitions) overseeing e-resources
      • Recording Secretary (EO)
      • Other library professional staff complementing selection of materials on various subjects
Functional Chart


  • To review and endorse collection development policies and procedures proposed by CDWT


  • To review/re-formulate CD policies and procedures.
  • To set collection development goals for various subject areas of the collection.
  • To assess each area, identifying weaknesses, and planning and implementing corrective measures.
  • To implement collection development programmes and evaluation projects.
  • To assess, evaluate, review, approve and prioritize new purchases.
  • To determine cancellations and/or withdrawal/relegation.

 Selection / Liaison Teams

  • Faculty/School Librarians
  • Assistant Librarian (Acquisitions) overseeing e-resources
  • Section Head (Collection Development) overseeing Chinese materials
  • Other library professional staff